Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas! #ARWX

Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas! #ARWX

On behalf of the WeatherTogether admin team, I want to wish all my fellow contributors and readers of WeatherTogether a blessed and Merry Christmas! It has been an exciting year for WeatherTogether, as well as the integration of WeatherQuack.com’s content under WeatherTogether to expand WeatherTogether’s contributor footprint both nationwide and globally, as well as giving readers a balance between weather reports served up fresh daily in addition to the expanded coverage of major weather events. Our team of contributors has dramatically increased over the year, as well as we’ve been making some great progress on webcams and models additions to the site as well. I look forward to seeing what’s in store for 2018!

Here in Arkansas I personally didn’t get a White Christmas yet, but it seems some parts of the state are. Here’s the latest look at Arkansas Radar with Snow Machine showing snow across North Arkansas, and 1 Hr FutureScan showing it’s going to linger around for a bit. If anyone in Arkansas is seeing snow or wintry precipitation, let me know and tweet me some pictures at my Twitter @theparkernathan (maps courtesy of Baron Threat Net).

Here’s a look at temperatures across Arkansas, both from NWS stations (map courtesy of Baron Threat Net) and Earth Networks weather stations (map courtesy of Earth Networks Sferic Maps). Here’s also a look at the current conditions on my Earth Networks Personal Weather Station (image courtesy of WeatherBug), as well as a look at my Earth Networks HD Cam outside my home showing a beautiful view of the sky this evening. Remember you can also view my HD Cam at any time right here.

For those traveling across the region this evening, here’s a look at the current satellite/radar across the region (image courtesy of Baron Threat Net).

For a little Christmas fun and enjoyment, here’s a look at the current conditions at the North Pole (well, the North Pole in Alaska since I don’t think Santa owns a weather station yet. To my colleagues at Earth Networks, can we make that happen before next Christmas?). Here’s also a look at the current conditions in Nazareth, the hometown of Jesus, as I also didn’t see a weather station directly in Bethlehem yet (maybe another place we can add a weather station to before next Christmas?). I’m also including a map of the current temperatures across Israel so you can get a glimpse of the weather stations across Israel (current conditions graphics are from WeatherBug, Israel temperature map is from Earth Networks Sferic Maps).

And for a final Christmas enjoyment, here are a couple of images from the Accordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide of the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem. What a beautiful sight and one to enjoy on Christmas!

That wraps it up here! Have a blessed and Merry Christmas! Nathan Parker signing off!

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