Tropical Storm Vinta Impacts The Philippines

Tropical Storm Vinta Impacts The Philippines

Tropical Storm Vinta impacted The Philippines this past week. I managed to get some news updates and pictures of Vinta’s impact on The Philippines courtesy of pastor Welnar Ayag over Facebook (he’s located in The Philippines), and I will include additional updates in upcoming blog entries if I manage to get any additional information to relay.

Here are a few Facebook posts of the tropical storm news pastor Welnar managed to send me:

Here are also a couple of news articles covering the tropical storm available here and available here (both are in a foreign language and will need to be translated into English in order to read them).

Lastly, here are some pictures taken by pastor Welnar of the flooding and impact of Tropical Storm Vinta as it impacted his area.

Our prayers go out to the people of The Philippines impacted by Tropical Storm Vinta, as it seems to be a horrible storm. I will find out if a text-to-donate option is going to be available in which to contribute to the victims of this severe weather event.

That wraps it up here! Nathan Parker signing off.

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