Weekly Wrap Up: January 20, 2018 #ARWX

Weekly Wrap Up: January 20, 2018 #ARWX

It’s another Saturday and time for another Weekly Wrap Up! This week brought frigid temperatures to the Natural State, as well as about one inch of snow to Hot Springs (and real snow instead of only ice this time!). My CoCoRaHS and weather station rain gauges froze over during the winter event, so no measurable rainfall (I reported a trace of rain for January 15 along with the one inch of snow). Temperatures for the most part were close or spot on to last week’s seven day forecast, and here’s a look at the temperatures on my Earth Networks weather station over the past week.

Here’s a look at the current conditions on my weather station, as well as a look at my Earth Networks HD weather camera earlier today, plus a look at temperatures across the state and a look at the current high-resolution radar and satellite across the region (maps courtesy of Baron Threat Net and Earth Networks Sferic Maps).

Sunday evening will be showers and intense thunderstorms to the Natural State. As the severe weather situation intensifies Sunday evening, I’ll be tracking it on my Twitter @theparkernathan. Sunday evening around 10PM looks to be the time when the most intense of the severe weather will be moving through Hot Springs, Garland County, and Central Arkansas. Garland County could get up to 2″ of rain through this event although the rain totals will differ throughout the county. Here’s a look at both the Baron forecast model and WSI RPM model for the forecast radar and satellite and accumulated precipitation.

As of now, the SPC has a marginal risk for severe weather for parts of Arkansas for Sunday. If the situation intensifies, the SPC could upgrade the risk. Here’s the latest SPC Severe Outlook graphic.

Here’s a look at the seven day extended forecast for Hot Springs, Arkansas. There’s a 40% chance of rain on Sunday and a 40% chance of evening showers for Friday and a 50% chance on Saturday. Skies will be mostly sunny on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and sunny on Tuesday and Thursday. Temperatures will be in the lower to mid 50’s for most of the week, with lows in the mid to upper 30’s for most of the week.

Here’s also a look at some interesting weather news over the past week:

That wraps it up here! Nathan Parker signing off.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up: January 20, 2018 #ARWX

  1. Thanks for another great report Nathan. Don’t you have a 4 inch cocorahs rain gauge you use? Comes in real handy when your automated gauge freezes over, and helps you get some of your snowfall data. I want complete data sets for my station so I supplement my VP2 data with rain and snow data I collect manually. You cannot get around that and you should adapt when needed.

    1. Thanks for the info, Kevin! I do have the 4” CoCoRaHS gauge I purchased from Weather Your Way, but what’s strange is it also froze over during this winter event. I guess it was just too cold. 🙂 This is the first time I’ve had both gauges freeze over, so this event must have packed a punch to our area. By the way, my WT email is back up and running again, so if you need to email me there anytime, you can.

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