Weekly Wrap Up: January 13, 2018 #ARWX

Weekly Wrap Up: January 13, 2018 #ARWX

Welcome to another WeatherTogther Weekly Wrap Up. Overall, temperatures were slightly warmer in Hot Springs this past week than what was forecasted in last week’s 7 Day Forecast (the data for the forecasts come from Earth Networks). Here is a look at temperatures from my Earth Networks weather station in Hot Springs, Arkansas, over the past week.

This week also brought rain for the first time in 2018 to the Natural State. In addition to rain, Thursday evening and Friday morning saw some wintry mixed precipitation and snow fall across  Arkansas, although not enough to form any major accumulation. Here is a look at the rain totals this past week from my CoCoRaHS gauge in Hot Springs, Arkansas, as well as a map of rain totals across the state on January 7 from CoCoRaHS, plus a tweet from me Friday morning with a look at winter radar when the snow arrived in Hot Springs.

There was a beautiful sunset tonight on my Earth Networks HD Camera, and here’s a look at the camera image as well as the current conditions from my weather station in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Here’s also a look at tempeatures across the state from both NWS stations and Earth Networks stations (maps courtesy of Baron Threat Net and Earth Networks Sferic Maps).

Monday evening could see a wintry mix in Hot Springs, as well as snow across parts of North Arkansas. Here’s a look at forecast precipitation and snow accumulation maps for the regional Baron forecast model and WSI RPM model for around 5PM monday showing which parts of the state could see the most snow. The snow accumulations seem light for most of Arkansas and not a major winter event.

Here’s a look at the 7 day extended forecast for Hot Springs, Arkansas. In addition to the 60% PM wintry mix for Monday, there’s a 30% PM chance for rain, and with a possible low of 9 degrees on Tuesday? Brrr!

Here’s one more look at the beautiful sunset on my weather camera in Hot Springs, Arkansas, this evening.

Finally, here’s a look at some of this past week’s weather-related news:

That wraps it up here! Nathan Parker signing off!

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