Weekly Wrap Up: January 6, 2018 #ARWX

Weekly Wrap Up: January 6, 2018 #ARWX

Welcome to my first edition of Weekly Wrap Up, a new weekly blog post series I’ll be posting on Saturdays with a look back at the past week’s weather in Arkansas, as well as a look ahead of the weather to come. I’ll conclude each post with a series of links to weather news I’ve encountered in the past week. I look forward to hearing your feedback on my series, and I hope you enjoy it. If it’s been a bit since you’ve clicked around on my blog, I also recommend checking it out, as I’ve recently added some additional links to it to build it out more into a full-featured mini weather site versus just showcasing my blog entries.

This past week brought in the new year for 2018, as well as a freezing in the new year with temperatures bitterly cold across the state. In fact, we were actually colder than Alaska a few of the days! Most of the nation also experienced bitterly cold temperatures, and people bringing in 2018 are likely going to be saying “Make America Warm Again”. There was no rain and no severe weather events this past week in Arkansas. Here’s a look at the past week’s high and low temperatures from my Earth Networks personal weather station.

Here’s a look at the current conditions from my weather station this evening, as well as current temperatures across the state (maps courtesy of Baron Threat Net and Earth Networks Sferic Maps).

Tomorrow will likely see the first rain in Arkansas for 2018. For those in Hot Springs and central Arkansas, the most intense of the rain will likely hit around 10PM. Here’s a look at FutureCast for tomorrow at 10PM from the Baron forecast model for Arkansas and for the region.

By Monday at 5AM when the bulk of the rain event has moved out of the state, here are the rainfall total potentials across Arkansas from the Baron forecast model.

One question residents of Arkansas are wondering if there is a chance of any wintry precipitation tomorrow for Arkansas. There is a slight chance of wintry precipitation tomorrow for North Arkansas around Harrison, Mountain Home, and Eureka Springs, but it’s likely not to be a major event or cause any major travel issues except for a couple potential ice patches. Here’s Tweet from the NWS in Little Rock concerning the chance of wintry preciptiation in Arkansas.

Here’s also a look at the 7 day extended forecast for Hot Springs Arkansas. Expect heavy rain chances for Sunday and some rain chances for Monday, as well as a 40% chance or rain on Thursday. Temperatures will be on the increase through Thursday and begin falling off again Friday.

Here’s a picture of the snow event from Chipper McDonald in Purdy, VA from the winter weather event that hit New England this week. Thanks for sharing this Chipper!

Lastly, here’s a look at the weather news over the past week:

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  1. Looks pretty good Nathan. Some of the graphics in your most recent post did not come out very readable on my end. Not sure if I am supposed to click on each graphic to make them larger or not- if I have to do that or not. I sure hope the site can become more interactive and we can determine that our posts are being read and prompting interest in the form of leading questions to prompt more comment. Thanks again Nathan

    1. Thanks! I don’t think I set the graphics on this post where you can click to make them bigger, but I’ll start doing that in future posts, plus I’ll see if I can bump up the size of some of them in future posts.

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