Winter Weather Safety: Part 4-Winter Weather Closings and Cancellations

Winter Weather Safety: Part 4-Winter Weather Closings and Cancellations

In Part 4 of our winter weather safety series, I want to take a brief moment to discuss winter weather closings and cancellations. During winter weather events, wintry precipitation can cause winter weather closings, cancellations, and delays, especially of area schools (and on weekends church events).

The best way to keep a track on winter weather closings and cancellations is through your local television stations. For those in central Arkansas, our Little Rock stations KARK 4, KATV 7, THV 11, and FOX 16 each have their own winter weather closings page on their website, as well as the stations will generally run the closings at the bottom of the screen during television broadcasts.

For those in Hot Springs, our local newspaper, the Sentinel Record, may also mention major winter weather closings and cancellations, so residents in Hot Springs and Garland County may also check there as well.

If any major winter weather closings or cancellations occur, I will also try to share them here on my WeatherTogether blog as well as my Twitter. However, for the most timely manner of receiving winter weather closings and cancellations, I recommend using the methods above.

Schools and churches may also offer their own notification service for school students or church members, and I highly recommend checking in with your local school or church you attend to see if they offer such a notification service. A solid notification service I used in a church I served at in Georgia is One Call Now.

That wraps it up here! Nathan Parker signing off.

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