Weekly Wrap Up: February 3, 2018 #ARWX

Weekly Wrap Up: February 3, 2018 #ARWX

Welcome to another Saturday Weekly Wrap Up on WeatherTogether.net. Due to my working on transitioning to another computer, this week’s Weekly Wrap Up will be a little brief. Last week saw temperatures in the 50’s to 60’s, dropping to the upper 40’s as the week wrapped up. The main difference from last week’s forecast is the rain chance on Thursday didn’t pan out (it remained dry in Hot Springs). During the rain event for January 27 I mentioned in last week’s report, my CoCoRaHS gauge received .83″ of rainfall. Here’s a look at temperatures over the past week from my Earth Networks weather station, as well as a look at the current conditions.

Here’s a look at temperatures across the state from both NWS weather stations and Earth Networks weather stations. We’ve also had a few sprinkles of rain across Arkansas today, but not enough to be a major weather event. Here’s also a look at today’s rain gauge totals from Earth Networks weather stations across the state (maps courtesy of Baron Threat Net and Earth Networks Sferic Maps).

Here’s a look at the seven day extended forecast for Hot Springs, Arkansas. Temperatures will primarily be in the 50’s for highs, with rain chances on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Finally, here’s a look at weather news over the past week:

That wraps it up here! Nathan Parker signing off!

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