Track Santa with the Official NORAD Santa Tracker @EarthNetworks #ARWX #NORADTracksSanta

Track Santa with the Official NORAD Santa Tracker @EarthNetworks #ARWX #NORADTracksSanta

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It’s that time of the year again! It’s time to track Santa’s  journey from the North Pole around the world to see where Santa is delivering presents to children next! The best way to track Santa’s journey is through the Official NORAD Santa Tracker, available here. There are also Official NORAD Santa Tracker apps available for smartphones as well for tracking Santa on the go.

Santa is already off to a great start and delivering packages in the Middle East. As the evening goes on, I will try to tweet out a few Santa Tracker updates as time permits to my Twitter @theparkernathan. For real-time updates, follow the official tracker.

This is also the first year the Official NORAD Santa Tracker partnered with Earth Networks to deliver real-time weather information in the tracker. More details available here. It’s exciting to see the weather company I’m a part of providing the weather data backbone to the Offical NORAD Santa Tracker, and now we just need to get a weather station installed at Santa’s headquarters at the North Pole. 🙂

That wraps it up here! Nathan Parker signing off.

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