Earth Networks Providing Weather Data to NORAD Santa Tracker @EarthNetworks

Earth Networks Providing Weather Data to NORAD Santa Tracker @EarthNetworks

Earth Networks (a company I handle IT consulting for) is providing weather data to the NORAD Santa Tracker this year. NORAD Santa Tracker is a fun website and application that allows families to track Santa’s journey from the North Pole to children’s homes on Christmas Eve (TV stations generally use it on air for tracking Santa as well). I’ve personally used it in the past in tracking Santa on weather reports I’ve blogged about on Christmas Eve.

It is great to know that this year, not only will NORAD Santa Tracker be complete with weather data and weather conditions across the world in addition to tracking Santa’s whereabouts, it’s also getting weather data from the world’s largest professional weather station network and the industry leader in providing real-time weather data. I am excited to see Earth Networks provide weather data to NORAD Santa Tracker, and it’ll make Christmas Eve Santa tracking even more fun for the weather geek.

To read the press release from Earth Networks, click here. To visit the official NORAD Santa Tracker, click here.

I hope Santa is also using a weather alert app on his smartphone that takes advantage of Earth Networks lightning data in case there are any surprise Christmas thunderstorms. Apps that use Earth Networks lightning data include Sferic Mobile for enterprises and WeatherBug, Baron Critical Weather, and WDT Weather Radio for consumers.

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