Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving today and fills up plenty on delicious turkey with all the trimmings! I am thankful to be blogging on here, and I am thankful to be a member of the WeatherTogether contributor and admin team and am thankful to all my fellow contributors at WeatherTogether. Our weather is absolutely perfect for Thanksgiving today, and I am thankful for this beautiful weather! Here’s a look at current temperatures across Central Arkansas (map courtesy of Baron Threat Net) and a look outside on my HD weather cam (which you can also view on the WeatherTogether website by clicking here).

Coming up as soon as I and the rest of the admin team finish wrapping up a few additional projects with the WeatherQuack merge under WeatherTogether, I’m planning on launching a weekly blog series on here on Saturdays called my “weekly wrap up” with a look back at the last week’s weather, a look forward to the next week’s forecast, and a roundup of the week’s weather news I’ve encountered. It should be a ton of fun, and I look forward to bringing it to you coming up!

That wraps it up here! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Nathan Parker signing off!


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