Latest Updates on Hurricane Harvey #TXWX #LAWX #ARWX

Latest Updates on Hurricane Harvey #TXWX #LAWX #ARWX

Hurricane Harvey is currently Texas bound! Here’s a look at the latest satellite imagery for Hurricane Harvey (maps courtesy of Baron Threat Net).

Here’s the latest official track from the NHC taking Hurricane Harvey into Texas with the track currently ending over the Houston area.

Here’s the latest BAMS (Baron) forecast precipitation model showing upwards of 15-20″ of rain in parts of Texas by Sunday morning at 1 AM. We’ll keep a watch on the forecast models and update accordingly.

Keep it tuned here and my Twitter page for the latest details on Hurricane Harvey.  Please register for a free account here if you would like to contribute to weather reports or pictures of Hurricane Harvey, as we’d love to have you join us in tracking Harvey!

That wraps it up here! Nathan Parker Signing Off!

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