Wet Week Ahead for Arkansas #ARWX

Wet Week Ahead for Arkansas #ARWX

Arkansas is likely in for a wet week ahead according to the National Weather Service’s forecast. Here’s a look over the next four days (image courtesy of the National Weather Service).

Some rainfall is making its way into parts of Arkansas this evening, looking a little intense at times with a few rumbles of thunder mixed in (images courtesy of Baron Threat Net).

Here’s also a look back over the past 24 hours of rainfall across the state with parts of Arkansas getting a nice round of showers and thunderstorms come through the state this morning.

Here’s what’s really interesting. Here’s a look at two forecast precipitation model maps from our BAMS (Baron) forecast model, one for Tuesday afternoon and another for Wednesday afternoon, one generated yesterday and one generated tonight. The first map showed quite a high estimate of forecast precipitation, with the updated model showing a dramatic reduction in forecast precipitation. This will be interesting to watch and see just how much rainfall Arkansas actually receives over the week.

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