Storms Dying Out, Dew Point Drop This Weekend #ARWX

Storms Dying Out, Dew Point Drop This Weekend #ARWX

Some intense thunderstorms with heavy rain and lightning moved through parts of the state (including Hot Springs) earlier today. Here are a couple of my tweets from the severe weather situation earlier today.




The storms have basically died out, with a few scattered showers across the state tonight, mostly extremely minor (images courtesy of Baron Threat Net).

Temperatures across Arkansas tonight remain in the mid to upper 70’s.

Dew points will be dropping over the weekend and into early next week. Here is a comparison between dew points across central Arkansas this evening to Monday afternoon (weather model is Baron’s 96 hour BAMS model).

Here’s a look at the Arkansas hail swath map for July 26, 2017 from Live Hail Reports.

That wraps it up here! Nathan Parker signing off!

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