T-Mobile Preparing for the 2017 Hurricane Season

T-Mobile Preparing for the 2017 Hurricane Season

T-Mobile announced in a press release (available here) that they are preparing for the upcoming 2017 Hurricane Season. They also included some excellent tips on how to maximize cellular usage during a hurricane. It is an educational article, and it is great to see T-Mobile taking preemptive measures to keep their network running as smoothly as possible during the 2017 Hurricane Season.

If you’re not a customer of T-Mobile, I highly encourage you to check out T-Mobile. I switched to them a few years ago, and I’ve been enjoying super-fast 4G LTE speeds, coverage has begun to dramatically expand (and it is about to get even better), and I’ve enjoyed all of the “UnCarrier” perks and a lower monthly phone bill. Customer service has also been excellent to me. They’re a fantastic wireless carrier.

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